Saturday, October 15, 2011


Thrifted blouse and brooch, target pants and tights, thrifted boots.

I wore this to my school's harvest festival today. I had a great time! I performed a few songs for everyone, and I came home with tons of food that  was grown and made by the 9th and 10th graders at our school, including maple syrup and habanero jelly. Habanero jelly. It is an ingenious and delicious idea, I tell you.

This outfit has some serious fall vibes. It seemed appropriate to wear a pumpkin-colored shirt to a fall festival, but unfortunately I have approximately zero things in my wardrobe that match it. Or so I thought, until I remembered this amazing brooch! I think it adds the perfect finishing touch to the outfit. I'm also digging the gold eyeshadow (actually worn on my eyes, for once) with the plum lips. Yay rich fall colors!

Stay tuned next week for some less sporadic posting (hopefully)!


  1. I like your milkmaid braids! And your makeup goes with that shirt quite nicely.

  2. I love your style! It's very creative and interesting. :) The braids and brooch look great with the pumpkin colour.


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