Thursday, October 6, 2011

Slutwalk MPLS

Last Saturday was the Minneapolis version of Slutwalk. I was super pumped and put together a vaguely vampy outfit to go protest sexual violence.

Pretty much like my regular style, but slightly more lingerie-esque. 

Anyway, we had a whole group of people ready to go and walk, but our ride fell through at the last minute and we had to bus which took forever. We ended up getting there right as the walk was finishing, and the little feminist in my soul wept bitterly. Luckily, we still got to see all the amazing people who showed up and even talk to a few of them. There was a huge range of people there, from college students with rainbow hair and fishnets to middle-aged men with signs that said "my dick has manners" to a woman with "PUTA" scrawled across her chest with red marker. There were weirdos and hippies aplenty, but there were also people who looked like they could have just wandered in off the street if it weren't for their signs declaring "A DRESS IS NOT A YES!" It warmed the cockles of my heart to see so many people of all types and all genders gathered in one place to fight against senseless rape and to make sure that the rapists are the ones being punished, not their victims.

This is my beautiful friend Callie holding a sign we found on a picnic table. I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment.
This is what was on the other side of the sign. I figure we're doing pretty well if feminism is trickling down to the frat boy types. There was also a guy with a popped collar holding a sign that said "Rape is not chill!" It completely made my day!
On an unrelated note, I found some flowers later in the day that were very relevant to my interests. My favorite flower (daisies) in my favorite color (purple). They are so perfect!

Anyway, I know this post is really late and that I've been a little slow with posting, but after I get through my current tsunami of homework I should be a little more quick on the draw. Cheers!

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