Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Sisterhood of Night

Everything vintage, thrifted, or hand-me-down except ouija pin from here.

I've been sitting on these photos since mid-october and I'm not sure why I haven't posted them yet. This outfit was inspired by my teen witch craze that happens every october, but also by the short story The Sisterhood of Night by Steven Millhauser. It's about teenage girls in a secret society (so of course I'm obsessed with it), but it's also about a lot of other things. I highly recommend reading it if you can get your hands on a copy of the book it's published in, The Knife Thrower and Other Stories.

I know I'm kind of late jumping on this bandwagon, but I'm really drawn to the music and videos of First Aid Kit. They capture the melancholy of fall really well. I'm so fascinated by the forests and nature  imagery in their videos and their chilling acoustic songs.

I guess the running theme in this post is mystery. I'm so fascinated by mysterious things, like dark forests and secret societies and teenagers. Maybe that has to do with the season, or the uncertainty that I'm experiencing right now. Either way, I want to swath myself in gauzy black fabric and paint my face with purple lipstick and be a mysterious witch woman. I'll end with this perfect quote I found on Celia's blog around halloween sometime.

“I think that all women are witches, in the sense that a witch is a magical being. And a wizard, which is a male version of a witch, is kind of revered, and people respect wizards. But a witch, my god, we have to burn them. It’s the male chauvinistic society that we’re living in for the longest time, 3,000 years or whatever. And so I just wanted to point out the fact that men and women are magical beings. We are very blessed that way, so I’m just bringing that out. Don’t be scared of witches, because we are good witches, and you should appreciate our magical power.” 
― Yoko Ono