Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nebulas and also some cupcakes

 Charlotte Russe shirt with diy sleeves, thrifted shorts and pin, H&M stockings, Dr. Martens boots

This is what I wore to my friend Genny's birthday party last night.  I'm not super happy with this outfit, actually. I think it turned out a little darker than I was imagining, and a little too cliche. I like all the pieces on their own, but not as much together. And I'm so excited about these sleeves I added to my top!  When I cut into it, I was seriously on the verge of tears. But it worked out! And now the top kicks even more ass! I think the reason I like it so much is that I never got over this collection by Christopher Kane:

 I will never stop loving these. I want them all.

In other news, look at these badass cupcakes!

 And guess what? I made them! HaHA! They were my birthday present for Genny and I am so proud of them. If you're at all interested in cupcakery, check out this book or this book.  They will change your life.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Shoulder pads from hell

 I don't usually look this homicidal, I swear.

Thrifted top (previously old lady dress), Target shorts and tights, ancient Kohl's ballet flats, homemade barbie shoe earrings
 I am so in love with these tights. And shorts. And top, with its lacy yoke collar and linebacker shoulder pads. This outfit is basically a conglomeration of my favorite things. Also, these pictures provide a nice view of the dying peony bushes that inhabit my backyard.

I wore this outfit yesterday while hanging out with my friend Zoë of Sleepless Ukulele Girl. We spent many an hour ukuleling and watching youtube vids of talented ukers. It was great fun!

And look at what Laura was wearing yesterday! She looked so marvelous I had to get some pictures:

Thrifted top, homemade skirt, gifted headband from Zoë, my flats
You read that right, she made the skirt herself! That girl is a print-mixer after my own heart. Stripes, floral, and leopard print are the holy trinity of print mixing. I think I'm a bad influence on her. Soon she'll be looking as ridiculous as I do.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Shirt from Spanish camp, thrifted skirt, shoes, and bandana, forever 21 necklace   

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Enchanted forest (if you squint)

I really don't know what happened here.

 I got the idea for this eye makeup from a picture of Marianne Faithfull. Sadly, my dots came out a little lopsided.
Forever 21 headband slip (worn as top), thrifted skirt and necklaces, Target belt

Laura and I have started to hit a rut when it comes to places to take pictures. Our current location of choice is our backyard, and, occasionally, our front yard. Unfortunately, we're running out of interesting backgrounds to take pictures with and we're too lazy to go anywhere else. Today we discovered that our neighbors' mulberry tree has cascading branches that come down into the area between their house and ours, and that it made for a nice backdrop. It kind of looks like I'm in the wilderness, even though I'm actually about five feet from our house. The downside is that there is apparently a huge colony of small biting insects that have made their home in said tree. My shoulders are now covered in mysterious bites.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Crazy cat lady

 This is my cat Kitty. She's a little grumpy but we love her anyway. She was kind enough to pose for a few photos.

Thrifted skirt and top, Forever 21 shoes, Maybelline lipstick in luscious violet
This is what I wore on a riveting trip to the library. Some of you eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that this skirt was part of the old lady dress from my last post. The top is another thrift find that I cropped like a boss.

This is the second time I've ever worn the milkmaid braids. I really like them! And they stay attached to my head much better than I thought they would.


They were magically delicious.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Here are some things I bought

I went thrifting at Savers in Maplewood the other day and came home with some incredible finds! It was probably the most successful thrifting expedition I've ever been on. Here's my haul:

 This skirt may not look that exciting, but I assure you that it's frickin' awesome. It has a high waist and ploofs out just enough to give it an interesting shape. It used to be longer, but I took a scissors to it and quickly remedied that fact.
 I love the sheer fabric and deep forest green color of this skirt. It comes down to my ankles, just the way I like them! The waist is a little big, but that's why god made belts.

This necklace is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry ever. It is excellent.

Here I am, looking like a vision/grandma in my new dress. Despite the fact that I look stunning in it as it is, I thought it might be a tad more flattering if I did some DIY work on it. Stay tuned for the results!

Finally, here is my favorite find from the trip. I am so excited about these things it's ridiculous.


I was looking for creepers online for a few days before, but hadn't gotten any yet. Imagine my delight when I walked into the store and saw these beauties in my size (almost)! For EIGHT DOLLARS. *victory dance*

Anyway, I was really excited and had to share. You'll be seeing all of these incorporated into my outfits in the near future!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Every girl needs a batman accessory

Target shirt and shorts, forever 21 bandeau, homemade earrings with charms from Michaels, batman tie from Ax-Man
I wasn't planning to do an outfit post today, but when I was getting dressed the outfit kept getting cooler and more interesting until I finally decided it was worth sharing.

This outfit was semi-inspired by k-pop and the Fashion Turd. It's not nearly as outrageous as either, but there's a hint of each in the outfit. Note the hair and batman tie. I'm  pretty sure it's made from film. I don't know why, but it seemed like the perfect addition to the outfit. As did the eyeliner face-heart. I'm trying to be more fearless in what I wear, which I think I did a little in this outfit. I'll have to get used to my mom chuckling every time she looks at me, though!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Like candy for your eardrums

I love music from the '70s. These are two of my favorite songs of all time. Sorry, no fashion today! This is just a quick post because I wanted to share these. I love how Carly Simon looks so in love in the first video.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What kind of sorcery is this?

 This look is kind of like a teen witch-meets-boho-meets-Ke$ha. I have something of a weakness for glitter.

Mikkat Market shirt (I suggest clicking on the link because this is the best online store ever), target shorts, Forever 21 necklaces, homemade earrings, ring from Spanish camp
 If possible, ignore my derpy expression and focus on the shirt. It might just be my favorite! the low back and flowy tails are flippin' sweet. I'm a sucker for anything that billows behind me when I walk.

The hair and makeup for this look were inspired by a shoot in the most recent (August 2011) issue of Teen Vogue. I loved the random braids in the models hair and the black eye makeup with silver sparkles. Unfortunately, heavy eye makeup in the summer is the worst idea ever. It ran all over the place and I vowed to keep makeup minimal from now until September. I've included the pictures from Teen Vogue below. As you can see, they had better luck controlling the spread of glitter than I.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Desert Sunset

Today I went out onto the balcony outside my room to do my nails and just sit for a while. It was hot and suffocatingly humid. No one else was out because of the heat. There was no breeze, and the world was completely still. All I could hear were the sounds of birds and squirrels in the tree next door.

It was a surreal experience, sitting there in the blistering heat with the heavy air pressing down on me, totally devoid of human company. I was able to stand still and enjoy the lethargy and serenity of summer. After two weeks of constantly being with people, it was exactly what I needed. It's not often that I get to experience such complete stillness. It makes me want to visit a desert where it's hot and still and beautiful all the time. Or maybe I just watch too many westerns.

Anyway, I've been really inspired by deserts, sunsets, and blendy colors lately. Not even in just a sartorial sense, either. I just love the idea of the desert, and would love to travel to one and experience its beauty in person.

All landscape photos from the National Geographic website.

I also stole some gorgeous desert-inspired makeup pictures from Powder Doom, my favorite makeup blog in the whole world.

It's great to be back to blogging after my jaunt at Spanish camp! I hope you guys had a great weekend!