Friday, July 29, 2011

Shoulder pads from hell

 I don't usually look this homicidal, I swear.

Thrifted top (previously old lady dress), Target shorts and tights, ancient Kohl's ballet flats, homemade barbie shoe earrings
 I am so in love with these tights. And shorts. And top, with its lacy yoke collar and linebacker shoulder pads. This outfit is basically a conglomeration of my favorite things. Also, these pictures provide a nice view of the dying peony bushes that inhabit my backyard.

I wore this outfit yesterday while hanging out with my friend Zoë of Sleepless Ukulele Girl. We spent many an hour ukuleling and watching youtube vids of talented ukers. It was great fun!

And look at what Laura was wearing yesterday! She looked so marvelous I had to get some pictures:

Thrifted top, homemade skirt, gifted headband from Zoë, my flats
You read that right, she made the skirt herself! That girl is a print-mixer after my own heart. Stripes, floral, and leopard print are the holy trinity of print mixing. I think I'm a bad influence on her. Soon she'll be looking as ridiculous as I do.

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