Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sometimes I Want To Dress Like A Pirate

 Thrifted blouse and boots, Kayleigh Peddie leggings from Etsy.

Can we talk about this blouse? I love it very much. I hesitantly bought it (for $4!) from the thrift store, dubious that I would find a way to wear it but not able to pass up those lacy sleeves. I'm glad I bought it in the end, because I love it more every time I wear it! Plus I've found a surprising number of things to pair it with. Thrifting prevails once again!

These velvet leggings are the best clothing purchase I've made in a long time. Possibly ever. They're comfortable, relatively flattering, and totally gorgeous. Plus they're pretty unique, which is a big plus for me. I often feel like my style is a jumble of other people's ideas, and there's nothing original I have to add to the mix. That's part of the reason I haven't been posting as much lately; I just felt like I didn't have anything to put out there that hadn't been done a million times before. But this outfit, with its strange pirate-y proportions and delicate details, feels like it comes from my own brain and not some picture I saw on tumblr a week ago. These leggings basically gave me my groove back. And look how well they match my orange shirt! It was meant to be, I tell you.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Romping About

The weather has gotten warmer, at least temporarily, and it's gotten me thinking about spring and summer clothes. I'm especially drawn to floral vintage rompers. I decided to spend my evening putting off homework and trolling etsy for rompers, and I found a wealth of potential summer garb! I'd wear these with heavy winged eyeliner and simple accessories, or maybe some cheesy temporary tattoos. Perhaps a flower crown if I'm feeling extra whimsical.

And then there are all these gorgeous vintage lingerie rompers. These are probably things I would buy and never wear, I'd just gaze adoringly at them. They look like they'd be glamorous to sleep in on summer nights. I may have to check the thrift stores for some like these:

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