Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hello Dolly

Vintage skirt from etsy, homemade bow and ring, thrifted blouse, hand-me-down sweater

I got this vintage skirt for christmas from my parents (I may or may not have sent them a link). When it came, it turned out it was a little too big, so I got it tailored. It made me think about how much I love having clothes that are one-of-a-kind and customized to fit me perfectly (usually I prefer to do the tailoring myself, but I didn't want to mess up the accordion pleats on this skirt). I'm slowly but surely building a wardrobe that is completely perfect for me, in terms of both fit and aesthetic.

I kind of felt like a creepy porcelain doll in this outfit. The colors and textures look old and musty, but the silhouette is childlike. dualitieeeeeeees

P.S. How many times have I used the word "aesthetic" in my last few posts? A really annoying number, I'm sure. My bad.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's in the cards

Sometime during the past few years, my sister took an interest in the occult. She has a set of runes, countless books about magic, and has been known to collect a sample of the first rain in spring for spell-related purposes. I love borrowing her books and having my future told with runes (sadly, they don't foresee a marriage to Tom Hiddleston), so when she asked for a set of Robin Wood's tarot cards for christmas I was happy to oblige. When she opened them up, I was struck by how beautiful they were! I scanned a few of my favorites because they are rife with ~magickal vibes.

4 of wands  6 of cups

9 of pentacles  1 of pentacles

Saturday, January 12, 2013


 Ouija pin from Old School Ghoul, Rachel Antonoff for Bass shoes, everything else thrifted/diy

I've had this jacket for a long time, but I haven't worn it for a while. I decided to make it more interesting by sewing an Olivia Mew patch on the back and making my own embroidered patches for the sleeves. I want to keep adding to it indefinitely, so it changes and grows along with my aesthetic. I like the idea of having the standard denim jacket covered in patches, but one that's perfectly suited to me.

If you like Meadham Kirchhoff, I highly recommend going to your nearest craft store/dollar store to check out the valentine's day merch. I bought a ton of these doilies because they reminded me of their spring 2012 collection (also because I like to hoard pretty craft supplies).

One of my favorite christmas presents from my parents. I've already worn through two pairs of saddle-esque shoes from cheap stores, so I thought I would spring for some higher-quality ones that might last longer. I like that these are red, and so shiny!

P.S. The lovely Brittney of Flow Disruption did an interview with me on her blog! (it was kind of a while ago) (I'm a slow blogger) Her questions were great and she said some very nice things about me, so you should take a gander.