Saturday, January 12, 2013


 Ouija pin from Old School Ghoul, Rachel Antonoff for Bass shoes, everything else thrifted/diy

I've had this jacket for a long time, but I haven't worn it for a while. I decided to make it more interesting by sewing an Olivia Mew patch on the back and making my own embroidered patches for the sleeves. I want to keep adding to it indefinitely, so it changes and grows along with my aesthetic. I like the idea of having the standard denim jacket covered in patches, but one that's perfectly suited to me.

If you like Meadham Kirchhoff, I highly recommend going to your nearest craft store/dollar store to check out the valentine's day merch. I bought a ton of these doilies because they reminded me of their spring 2012 collection (also because I like to hoard pretty craft supplies).

One of my favorite christmas presents from my parents. I've already worn through two pairs of saddle-esque shoes from cheap stores, so I thought I would spring for some higher-quality ones that might last longer. I like that these are red, and so shiny!

P.S. The lovely Brittney of Flow Disruption did an interview with me on her blog! (it was kind of a while ago) (I'm a slow blogger) Her questions were great and she said some very nice things about me, so you should take a gander.


  1. SO AMAZING! I love this outfit.

  2. love the embroidered patch on your jacket so much. everything about this is awesome!

  3. i absolutely ADORE this outfit! the pink and the red together is just so perfect. the shoes are amazing and your hair is hella cool :)

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  5. Love the patches! Your outfit is amazing, you have such a great sense of style!!!

  6. Those patches are lovely!! I'm curious, how long did it take you to make one? I make my own patches too, they are not very detailed, but it takes me ages to make one, haha : )


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