Friday, December 14, 2012

In the dark of the night

thrifted shirt, hand-me-down sweater, vintage skirt from Tunnel Vision, Spotted Moth tooth ring, self-made necklace, Illamasqua lipstick.

This purple lipstick from Illamasqua is the best makeup investment of my life. It can make a relatively boring outfit look so much more special. Same goes for this necklace, which I fashioned out of an old hair extension and some thrift store ribbon. Is it gross to keep my old hair extensions for crafting purposes? What about wisdom teeth? I'm disgusting oh well

It seems like I can only take blog pictures after midnight anymore. It's finals week for me, so of course I'm spending my time taking selfies. My best friend is coming to visit later today, then a few days later I leave for winter break. When I get back to school I'm moving into a house full of feminist ladies (and possibly one dude?), so that's cool. I hope everyone is feeling the holiday spirit (read: eating yummy food) and having a lovely winter so far!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Midnight Crazies

The wall above my desk with prints from Laurence Philomene and a collage-thing I made with a photo by Petra Collins. 

above my dresser

creepy shrine on my windowsill 


gratuitous leg hair photo

My most recent manicure: alchemical symbols and matte black polish. Inspired partially by Gravity Falls, the best children's show on TV right now/possibly ever. Tooth ring from Spotted Moth.

my favorite wall with a print from wishcandy

I took these photos late last night in a sudden burst of creativity. I deleted my tumblr recently in hopes that I would spend my time more productively. It hasn't completely worked, but I'm slowly starting to spend more time on my creative pursuits. I'm trying to teach myself guitar, improve my embroidery, and experiment with photography. Then again, I'm also spending more time tweeting and trolling etsy. Baby steps, I guess.