Sunday, December 2, 2012

Midnight Crazies

The wall above my desk with prints from Laurence Philomene and a collage-thing I made with a photo by Petra Collins. 

above my dresser

creepy shrine on my windowsill 


gratuitous leg hair photo

My most recent manicure: alchemical symbols and matte black polish. Inspired partially by Gravity Falls, the best children's show on TV right now/possibly ever. Tooth ring from Spotted Moth.

my favorite wall with a print from wishcandy

I took these photos late last night in a sudden burst of creativity. I deleted my tumblr recently in hopes that I would spend my time more productively. It hasn't completely worked, but I'm slowly starting to spend more time on my creative pursuits. I'm trying to teach myself guitar, improve my embroidery, and experiment with photography. Then again, I'm also spending more time tweeting and trolling etsy. Baby steps, I guess.


  1. ohh i love it all! beautiful pictures!

  2. eeep so beautiful! SOOO AMAZING!

  3. Wow, i really like your blog and this blogpost! I'm a fan! :)

  4. yr room seems like a really rad place

  5. your room rules! I'm especially digging the golden streamer wall with the wish candy print. a+++

  6. woah everything looks so beautiful and inspiring! and the wall with the glitter streamers/wishcandy art is kind of perfect

  7. Love this post, beautiful photos!
    xo, Tori

  8. omg I love your room! So beautiful<3

  9. I was just looking for some inspiration to redo my bedroom for the billionth time and I think I've found it <3 Where did you get the tinsel-y stuff in the last picture? xx

    1. I ordered it from! It comes in lots of colors and is ideal for covering ugly walls.

  10. I love the lavender tones in your room. And the girl monster strung across your wall super cool! And yay for growing leg hair :) :)


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