Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's in the cards

Sometime during the past few years, my sister took an interest in the occult. She has a set of runes, countless books about magic, and has been known to collect a sample of the first rain in spring for spell-related purposes. I love borrowing her books and having my future told with runes (sadly, they don't foresee a marriage to Tom Hiddleston), so when she asked for a set of Robin Wood's tarot cards for christmas I was happy to oblige. When she opened them up, I was struck by how beautiful they were! I scanned a few of my favorites because they are rife with ~magickal vibes.

4 of wands  6 of cups

9 of pentacles  1 of pentacles


  1. I have sat here for a good five minutes staring at my computer screen trying to figure out a word that describes the amazingness of these cards. I can't.

  2. These cards are so beautiful. Wow wow wow. I especially love the Strength one.
    xo, Tori

  3. Tarot cards are amazing! Such a great post! :D


  4. these cards are gorgeousss. i would love to learn tarot but i keep putting it off because i'm a lazy bum

  5. Wow these are really cool tarot cards! The ones I have are really gloomy ): Although maybe its because everytime someone gives me a reading it's always really gloomy!

  6. I love tarot, these ones are so beautifully illustrated


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