Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What kind of sorcery is this?

 This look is kind of like a teen witch-meets-boho-meets-Ke$ha. I have something of a weakness for glitter.

Mikkat Market shirt (I suggest clicking on the link because this is the best online store ever), target shorts, Forever 21 necklaces, homemade earrings, ring from Spanish camp
 If possible, ignore my derpy expression and focus on the shirt. It might just be my favorite! the low back and flowy tails are flippin' sweet. I'm a sucker for anything that billows behind me when I walk.

The hair and makeup for this look were inspired by a shoot in the most recent (August 2011) issue of Teen Vogue. I loved the random braids in the models hair and the black eye makeup with silver sparkles. Unfortunately, heavy eye makeup in the summer is the worst idea ever. It ran all over the place and I vowed to keep makeup minimal from now until September. I've included the pictures from Teen Vogue below. As you can see, they had better luck controlling the spread of glitter than I.

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