Sunday, July 24, 2011

Here are some things I bought

I went thrifting at Savers in Maplewood the other day and came home with some incredible finds! It was probably the most successful thrifting expedition I've ever been on. Here's my haul:

 This skirt may not look that exciting, but I assure you that it's frickin' awesome. It has a high waist and ploofs out just enough to give it an interesting shape. It used to be longer, but I took a scissors to it and quickly remedied that fact.
 I love the sheer fabric and deep forest green color of this skirt. It comes down to my ankles, just the way I like them! The waist is a little big, but that's why god made belts.

This necklace is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry ever. It is excellent.

Here I am, looking like a vision/grandma in my new dress. Despite the fact that I look stunning in it as it is, I thought it might be a tad more flattering if I did some DIY work on it. Stay tuned for the results!

Finally, here is my favorite find from the trip. I am so excited about these things it's ridiculous.


I was looking for creepers online for a few days before, but hadn't gotten any yet. Imagine my delight when I walked into the store and saw these beauties in my size (almost)! For EIGHT DOLLARS. *victory dance*

Anyway, I was really excited and had to share. You'll be seeing all of these incorporated into my outfits in the near future!

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