Monday, October 17, 2011

Lace and velvet

Target hat, thrifted necklace and shirt, random old velvet leotard, vintage pants, thrifted shoes

I told my sister recently that I really wanted some lace bell bottoms. Like, really bad. She mentioned it to her friend, and it turned out that she just so happened to have a pair laying around. When she came to see my sister the other day, she brought these babies along and let me borrow them!!! It was so sweet of her to remember and to trust her precious pantaloons in my clumsy, destructive hands. I got a chance to wear them with the most '70s-licious things I own, including this sun hat and these groovy shoes (borrowed from Laura). And this leotard! I used to wear this thing during my brief stint in gymnastics as a tween. Fortunately, I had my big growth spurt fairly early in life and can still fit into it, which means that you will be seeing plenty more of this bad boy.

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  1. Love the lace and velvet outfit! Those pants are amazing, they remind me of PJ Harvey : ) Just started following



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