Friday, August 5, 2011

Welcome to the jungle

Vintage dress from My Sister's Closet, Forever 21 shoes

I call this my Wednesday Addams dress. I like how it looks with my pinkish makeup. I never thought I could pull off pink, but I put on blush and pink lipstick and it actually looked pretty good.

We took these pictures at the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory. It's so magical! It's like a jungle in the middle of  suburbia. I got plenty of practice staring longingly and/or vapidly into the distance. Laura also got a ton of pictures of the plants and other things there.

 This mildly unsettling fellow was lurking in the shadows. I saw him all of a sudden and he gave me quite a start. I thought he merited a spot on the blog.

 Koi pond.

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  1. This outfit is amazing, and it looks so good in the garden setting!


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