Monday, August 15, 2011


One more premade post and then you guys can experience the wonder that is French Lick, Indiana!

Lately I've been super inspired by American flag motifs and other all-American fashion things (as they say).

One of my favorite of Gaga's looks.

Gorgeous Stella Rose of Confessions of a Female Drag Queen.

Some stylish ladies from Chictopia. I absolutely need that shirt from the middle. If I can find the materials at a thrift store, I'll definitely do a diy version.

After seeing these lovely pictures, I remembered that I myself have some Americana clothing! I decided to play dress up and take some pictures.

 How amazing is this sweater?! I got it for 25 cents at a yard sale as a joke, but it kind of grew on me and I came to love it. And as a bonus, it looks fabulous with my creepers.
My favorite bandana, thrifted from Savers. Clashes beautifully with the sweater.

I went a little crazy with the poses. A model I am not.

Here's the makeup I did. I really like the beauty spot! I may have to actually wear it in public someday. Unfortunately, this outfit is extremely impractical and I didn't wear it for more that 15 minutes in my backyard. The sweater is really hot. Maybe I'll wear this outfit in the winter, only with pants.

Laura also decided to dress up.

She totally made that shirt! It's actually a giant sash/scarf thing that she wraps around herself in a shirt shape. Pretty sweet, amirite?
 She made this too! Whaa?
These are my shoes, but I don't wear them much anymore. They look great on her.


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  1. I like that beauty mark on you, would you ever consider a monroe piercing?
    I thin if you added tights or leggings it would be comfortable to wear in fall?


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