Saturday, August 13, 2011

Various objects from my room

Hello, possums! I'm currently in southern Indiana meeting lots of distant relatives without much time to blog it up, so I have a scheduled post for you guys. Soon I'll have a nice long account of my adventures in the land of vintage laxatives (more on that later). Until then, enjoy!

I'm not especially gifted in the area of interior design, but I do occasionally take time to decorate my room. Here are some of the things that I keep in my quarters. Ironically, almost none of them were taken in my actual room, since it's a wreck and the lighting's awful.

 Pictures from an Urban Outfitters catalog. I added the heart to the second one. These live on my wall.
 A collage I made out of teen vogue ads and articles.

 A bunch of record sleeves I have on my wall. These are all from either half-price books or my dad's record collection. I actually have not listened to most of them.

 These are vintage postcards I found in an antique shop in Bemidji. I love them.
This is a dress form I made out of duct tape. I call it Roxanne. Sometimes I use it to help with my sewing projects, but usually it sits there and looks cool and/or displays my clothes.

If you're interested in teenage bedrooms, you probably already know about this tumblr, but I'll post the link anyway. It rules.

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  1. Ahh, your bedroom looks so cool :D i love collecting trinkets for my room. Following you now!


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