Thursday, August 11, 2011

Birthday Suit

DISCLAIMER: despite the title, there is no nudity in this post.

I got some pretty excellent stuff for my birthday this year. Behold:

Laura got me this darling lunch box. I'll be the envy of the school cafeteria!  There is a distinct possibility that I'll also carry it as a purse. And look! Owl ice pack!

And she picked out some sunglasses and this bow tie for me! I love them.

I also got...
A new ukulele! AWW YEAH

Sooo pretty. o_o  It sounds great too!

Kitty joined me while I was playing.


AKA the best instrument ever! It has a beautiful, old-timey sound. I'll post a video once I can play something decent on it. 

 As I was lounging in the grass for a photo op, Kitty came and sat on me!

She is so cute.

P.S. The Man Repeller would be proud of this outfit. I've got my lady bowner, my arm party, and my double leopard print. Extra points for topknot and clunky shoes.


  1. So much leopard printed goodness!! I am super fascinated by this dulcimer, I hope you do post a video of yourself playing it.

  2. Hey, where is the video of you playing it?! xD And yes, the Man Repeller would be very proud of you for this outfit!



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