Tuesday, June 26, 2012

There's one rose sweeter than any that grows.

For mood music to go with the valentine theme, here's a beautiful cover of my favorite sappy love song.

This shirt is my DIY pride and joy. It took me forever to sew the roses on and get them positioned just right. I almost chickened out at didn't wear it today, but I'm so glad I did. I felt really glamorous and it fits perfectly with my valentine-y inspiration as of late. I've been browsing Stylelikeu and it's inspired me to be really creative and expressive with my outfits and not worry about the occasional stare or rude comment. It's funny because my style is pretty tame compared to most of the internet fashion scene, but it can be a little outrageous compared to other people in St. Paul. Sometimes I wish i lived in New York or LA where no one would look twice at me, because I'm pretty shy and don't like to attract too much attention. I'm learning to love standing out though, and I look forward to wearing fake flowers on my bosom for years to come!

I've been having a really fantastic summer so far. I've been trying to fill my days with fun and productive things besides just tumblr, and I've been relatively successful! I'm devouring books and movies (I just rewatched Marie Antoinette for the decadent pastel vibes) and going out to do interesting things in the twin cities. I plan to go to lots of concerts and festivals and spend lots of time outside.

Speaking of, I spent last weekend at the gay pride festival and it was the best! I mostly ate fried food and people-watched. There were so many cute, stylish, outrageous, and/or scantily clad people! For whatever reason there were also a ton of cute dogs. The atmosphere there was so joyful and it felt like anyone would be welcomed and celebrated. Minnesota is facing a potential amendment to our state constitution that would ban same-sex marriage, so the event had a somewhat more political slant than usual. It's really important that we shut this amendment down by voting against it in November, or the rights of queer Minnesotans will be in severe danger. It doesn't mean that if it passes we'll never be able to legalize gay marriage, but it'll make the fight a whole lot harder. Let's crush this stupid-ass law under our fabulous heels and spread love and tolerance instead. Fellow Minnesotans, vote NO!

P.S. brownie points for anyone who recognized the Bye Bye Birdie reference in the title.


  1. first of all, I love your shirt and your leopard shorts are priceless.
    Second, I totally agree with what you're saying about gay rights. I live in upstate new york where there are a plethora of ignorant, narrow minded assholes. It was because of my area that almost caused the gay rigths bill to not pass. To basically sum up what I'm trying to say, everyone deserves to be happy and even though I don't live in your state it would be devestating if that amendment were to pass.
    On a lighter note all of the awards to you for referencing my favorite musical :D

  2. Just quoting you-
    "...it's inspired me to be really creative and expressive with my outfits and not worry about the occasional stare or rude comment. It's funny because my style is pretty tame compared to most of the internet fashion scene, but it can be a little outrageous compared to other people in St. Paul."

    YES this so much. I'm probably even tamer, dressing wise, but living in the 'burbs you DO get odd looks and comments, but it can also be really liberating to attract that kind of comment and still feel cool and powerful, because you're dressing how you feel good? I'm not expressing myself very well. But I hope you get what I mean. ^^

    I LOVE THE T-SHIRT THOUGH. It's super super super cool. I WANT ONE. ^^

    I do love gay pride, love and tolerance all around. It's such a vibrant atmosphere usually. But yes- I hope the movement doesn't get passed- that's so regressive and stupid. VOTE NO PEOPLE!

  3. Hey there!
    I used to live in Minneapolis and St. Paul at one point. People there respected my style pretty quickly - even though I dressed pretty differently than most of the people there. But once I moved to NYC it was the same kind of looks that you get there - just that there is more of a frequency of other people who are dressed wildly as well. It will happen wherever you go - you just have to be confident and rock it because you know it is awesome - which your diy and ensemble are! I love the twin cities though - i hope they get their act together!


  4. I'm trying to think of words for how cool your tshirt is, but I cannot. Also, your shorts.

    I do tend to stick out a little bit where I live (suburbs of Philly... the city's a different story) but when I lived in London I was so overwhelmed by everyone dressing awesomely that I just sorta gave up for a little bit.


  5. oh my god i lovee your outfit!!!! especially your tshirt, its really cool haha. want to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin? thanks! :) xx

    Daisy Cats

  6. HEY GURL. I just met you, and this is crazy! (don't really know how to follow that up... "call me maybe"... that just doesn't work.) Anyway, I totally HAVE seen your blog before and I totally LOVE it. You have really good taste in clothes and your pictures are good etc. etc. It's good to know you aren't an internet troll. God knows I am.

  7. amazing shirt.and shorts.and socks.and shoes.
    and hair!

  8. The shirt is amazing, good thing you didnt chiken out! You should watch Jane Eyre... Its a lovely movie (it'll make you fall in love with Michael Fassbender) well, only if you are in a "romantic" mood. Loving your blog :)

  9. wow, what a shirt! You style is sick :)

  10. That shirt is amazing !
    So is your hair !
    It makes me miss my green dip dye :(


  11. i saw you in chicago styles. your blog is even cooler!!

  12. THAT SHIRT IS FREAKING AMAZING!!!!! It, like, has 3-D roses... and is kinda the coolest thing ever... I love it with those shorts... <3_<3 CUTE!!!!


  13. I work at SLU ! Those vids had the same effect on me so I decided to apply there! The shirt looks soo rad. Come to NYC and hang out with us and wear it!


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