Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The official uniform of FREEDOM

Thrifted top and skirt, ebay sunglasses, old target socks, the usual saddle shoes

Tumblr was teeming with hilariously exaggerated patriotism this morning, so I thought I'd join in the fun with a pinup-esque outfit in American flag colors. Plus I got to bust out these bitchin' heart sunglasses I just scored on ebay. Tonight I'm celebrating by barbequeing some meat, watching the fireworks, and singing "America the Beautiful" until my family can't stand me anymore. It's the American way.

Happy 'Merica day, kids.

P.S. This is my 100th blog post! Woah.

P.P.S. I also got featured on a Chicago style blog while I was on my way to the Rookie meetup (which I'll post about soon, I promise)! Check it out here.  This has never happened to me before so I'm super excited and  squee-ing and stuff! I don't even mind that I look a little derpy!


  1. Lovely outfit :D the glasses are adorable!

  2. I love your hair :)
    you look soo cute!!

  3. great outfit AND hair:0 your blog is perfect
    i look forward to reading your next post about the rookie road trip!

  4. Cool hair, green is not seen often, i think.

  5. Omg that gif..

    XX Domenic.


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