Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall has fallen

I thought that today, in honor of the weather suddenly taking a turn for the autumnal, I would make a long rambley post about some of my favorite things about fall.

#1: Cozy sweaters and #2: Maxi skirts. Especially when worn together.

Thrifted sweater with diy elbow patches, vintage dress worn as skirt (this is actually my prom dress from last spring! It dresses down quite nicely), antique necklace, homemade bag, forever 21 shoes

 They are an especially good ensemble if you feel like twirling. Also, note #3: Elbow Patches. They aren't specific to fall, but I feel like fall is the season in which they can best be appreciated. Don't ask me why, but you know it's true.

The best thing about maxi skirts is that they are ideal for concealing #4: Long Underwear.

I'm going to be wearing these bad boys all winter. If you think long underwear is stupid, then you obviously don't live in Minnesota. They are possibly the best cold-weather invention ever.

#5: Candy Corn

As soon as the weather drops below 60 degrees, I run out to the nearest Walgreens and pick up some candy corn. It meets both requirements for excellent candy: cute and delicious. Fall it the best time to eat it; it just doesn't taste right any other time of the year. The pumpkins are the best.

#6: Dark Nail Polish

When the weather gets cold, it just feels right to rock some deep red nails. This shade is CoverGirl Boundless Color in Crushed Berries. In real life, the color looks darker, more shimmery, and generally more badass. Also note the disgusting yet awesome blister I got from paddling a canoe for three days. I'm kind of proud of it.

That's all I have pictures for, but I'm also excited for caramel apples, the crisp, clean air, sitting by the fireplace, and watching the leaves change color.

On a new subject, I wore this outfit to coffee with a dear friend, and on my way there I saw a bunch of beautiful gardens that I had never seen before in my neighborhood. Luckily, I had my trusty camera with me and I was able to get a few photos. I think it's kind of nature's last hurrah flower-wise before everything dies for the winter.

I loved seeing so many daisies. They are definitely my favorite flower. I'm sorry I post sooooo many flowers and floral prints on this blog, but I love them so much! All I want to wear are florals upon florals.

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  1. Those flower photos are so sweet :) really like your outfit too! That skirt is the prettiest :D


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