Thursday, September 1, 2011

Earth Goddess

Target tank, homemade flower crown and skirt, forever 21 shoes

So this is what I wore on the first day of senior year. It's a little embarrassing how excited I got about this outfit. It made me realize how much I love my school when I walked in wearing a flower crown like a complete dork and few people gave it a second thought. I made it and the skirt especially for the first day back. It doesn't show up well in the pictures, but the skirt is this fantastic sheer ivory fabric. And one of my friends told me I looked like an earth goddess! Best complement ever.

I may have put a little too much thought into my back to school outfit.

In other news, I bought my first zine the other day!
It's by Isabel of Hipster Musings, and it is so very relevant to my interests. I love the homemade touch, the little imperfections that make it special. I'll definitely be buying more zines, Isabel's and others. If you like fashion, feminism, and nature, you may want to click here.

Look how intently I'm reading.

Somewhat unrelated: I thought maybe you guys would like to see my bulletin board. It's mostly clippings from old Teen Vogues.

One more thing: I made a 3D mood board with some of my random junk!

I found my old tarot cards and decided that I will learn how to read them (but first put them in a 3D mood board). I'm digging the ethereal, girly, childlike, and vaguely creepy vibes from this picture. It may be kind of a cliche but I really wanted to do it. Besides, making cliche photos is basically an internet rite of passage.

P.S. Fluttershy (as seen in the above photo) is the best my little pony! I don't suppose any of my readers are bronies, are you? (Besides Zoe, of course!)


  1. That outfit's beautiful! And I really like your nail polish and your 3D mood board, too.

  2. AHHHHH, THIS IS SO AWESOME!! Can I use these pictures as promotional materials for PLANT?? :D

  3. Oh my god Isabel, you most definitely can! I absolutely love your zine!

  4. How did you make that flower crown? it's awesome!


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