Thursday, December 1, 2011

Your love sleeps in a velvet case

The other day I did some experimenting with a new hairstyle. I love short haircuts, but I've waited for so long to grow my hair out that I don't want to hack it all off (yet). Fortunately, there is a crafty and clever internet lady who was able to help me with my conundrum! Hannah over at Rookie (which has been my teenage girl bible as of late) posted this simple but amazing tutorial for turning long hair into a bitchin' pompadour. I was too lazy to curl the ends, so I left it straight and it became an angsty rocker-chick 'do. I totally love it. Expect to see more fake short hairstyles from me in the future.

Some fake flowers for an upcoming DIY. 

P.S. Here's a song from Dessa, an amazing Minnesota artist. Some of the students at my school played a cover of this song, and I've had it on repeat ever since I heard it. She's a spoken word artist and an amazing lyricist. The title of this post is from this song. Ahhhhhhhh it's just so beautiful!

Jeremy Messersmith sings backup!! I wrote about a concert of his here. He is the cutest.


  1. Your pompadour is so awesome) I`v seen the tutorial and I want to try it myself.
    Dessas voise is very beautiful.


  2. I love the hair! Especially with the cat eyes :)
    And thank you for your feedback on my last post!

  3. You would look great with short hair! :)

  4. ahh it is too cool that you are from the twin cities! oh my god. I never meet any bloggers from here!! <3 <3 Dessa!!!! <3


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