Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Flower Fairy

 This picture is a demonstration of why I don't smile in blog pictures. Disregard my expression of discomfort/creepiness and look at the pretty flowers instead.
DIY flower crown, thrifted sweater and skirt, target socks, forever 21 shoes

When I wore this outfit to school one of my classmates said to me, "is there any reason for the 'flower fairy of the forest' getup?" I cheerfully told him no, I just wanted to wear a bunch of flowers. He walked away not knowing that he had just given me one of the highest possible complements a person can give me.

I'm really excited about this sweater. It was a lucky find at a thrift store I had never been to before. Most of the stuff there wasn't nearly weird enough for my taste, but I found this shrunken grandma sweater hidden on a rack and it was love at first sight! The first time I wore it I made the unpleasant discovery that it is the itchiest thing ever to come in contact with my skin. Being the clever individual that I am, I figured out that if I wear a long sleeved top underneath it, I can wear this beauty in relative comfort. Hurray!

I'm also quite proud of this flower crown. I assume that most of my readers also read Rookie and have seen this fabulous crown tutorial. This combines two of my favorite things: flowers and putting weird shit on my head. I of course had to make one, and I'm thrilled with it! I hope to make many more, especially now that I know my neighborhood dollar store sells great kitschy fake flowers.


  1. That sweater is a wonderful find, and it goes really well with the SKIRT! And that tutorial on Rookie is awesome)


  2. Please, PLEASE tell me that you got those socks from the little girls section of Target, because I bought the exact same ones a few days ago haha.

  3. The jumper and flower garland look perfect together :D

  4. @aptlyfictional: I totally did! My mom gets a little weirded out at how much time I spend shopping for little girls' clothes, since I'm always looking for peter pan collar shirts there too.

  5. so happy i came acorss your blog, love all your photos! so much inspiration since our styles are very similar!
    check out my blog =)

  6. I honestly love your outfit! and your smile... is that creepy? I really hope not... the flower crown is grrrreat!!

  7. gosh, you are really gorgeous. I love that sweater!! great job with the floral crown too!!


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