Friday, December 16, 2011

Together we'll face the world

Thrifted lace shawl, Mikkat Market top, DIY faux fur stole, headband, and dyed jeans, thrifted jewelery and boots

I'm a little ashamed to say that I had been planning this outfit for some time now. I had to dye the jeans three times to get them the color I wanted, and while I was working on them I kept revising the outfit in my head. YES OF COURSE I HAVE A LIFE WHY DO YOU ASK?

The makeup for this outfit was this picture that I ran across on tumblr. I love everything about this picture! The muted metallics, the silver at the corner of the eyes, the Tim Burton-y vibe I get from it. Perfect. I made an attempt to recreate the look, but it wasn't as dark and creepy as the above photo. I'll try to make it look scarier next time.

Apparently I've perfected the vapid sideways gaze.

Also: I now have 50 followers! How did  that happen? All of you guys are amazing. Much love. <3

P.S. I've been really enjoying Irish and Scottish tunes lately. Here's one of my favorites from Silly Wizard, one of the many random bands my dad has in his enormous CD collection.


  1. The time and energy spent on dying those jeans was worth it - they look amazing. Congrats with the 50 followers and cheers from Cork in Ireland!


  2. The colour came out great! I wish I had an awesome piece with fringe like that. ;)

  3. you are a hair goddess. just so you know.

  4. I'm CRAZY about this look!!! Would steal every piece! So cool. Also the make up inspiration is right up my street, and wierdly similar to my own routine recently. I use a L'oreal Colour Appeal Silver shade in the inside corners, I love how it make the look more polished and chic, it's really metallic. Oh and I'm a fan of the sideways gaze! cute! xxxxx Oh I'm gonna add you to my blogroll as I realised I've been reading your blog much more religiously recently. Sharing the love. xxx

  5. haaa I've already added you to it. Must have done it in my sleep, I'm ahead of myself! xxx


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