Monday, November 7, 2011

Accordion to me (HA)

Something that my newer readers may not know is that I'm an avid recreational musician. I have a special passion for collecting unconventional instruments, including a dulcimer and two ukuleles. For my IB music class, I'm lucky enough to get to experiment with a ton of different instruments, the latest being this badass accordion!
 We're playing the song "A Pair of Brown Eyes" by the Pogues and I jumped at the chance to pick up the accordion for it! It turns out that my history teacher's mom had an accordion lying around that she was willing to let me use, so she carted it off to school and now it's temporarily living at my house. Apparently, she used to carry it three miles across Chicago to get lessons. This is rather impressive, considering that it weighs about a million pounds and she was only 10 at the time. Aside from being a beautiful instrument with an interesting history, it has a beautiful sound and is really fun to play!

The case is also pretty cool. When I put my coat on in the morning my dad told me I looked like I was running away from home in the 1920s, which I took as a complement.

Anyway, I'm pretty excited about this thing and thought I would broadcast it to the internet. Are any of you readers musicians? I'd love to hear if any of you share my love of weird instruments!


  1. How lovely, we should jam some time (I play the piano) - make some fun, edgy music together, and run away to the 1920`s !


  2. I'm hopeless at every and all musical instruments so I'm totally jealous of people like you that can just pick something up and play it. No fair! Accordions are especially cool. I love the scene in Mad Men where Joan plays the accordion. Such a weird and delightful instrument!

  3. Lucky you, getting to play the Pogues :D I study music (organ), and I've always wanted to play the accordion, but all I for practice was my granddad's old one, which had a few leaks. But I love collecting odd instruments, and though I don't have much space for an accordion right now, my collection now includes a melodica, a stylophone, two harmoniums, and a really shitty ukulele (as well as a less odd guitar and a piano).


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