Monday, November 14, 2011

Awkward turtle

Thrifted shirt, skirt, cardigan, and shoes, halloween store tights, target socks

I didn't really have anything specific in mind when I put this outfit together, but it came together in a nicely awkward kind of way. I can't get over these tights! My new favorites for sure. I also may have to start wearing black lipstick more often.

You may have noticed that I took a brief sabbatical from blogging. I used my time off to wear sweatpants, do homework, and make a ton of DIY projects, which I'll be revealing to you over the next few posts. One hint: zillions of gold studs!


  1. Uuu, studs! Can`t wait! I want black lipstick too!


  2. looooove those tights, no wonder they are your favorites. how did you do your nails like that? is it a sticker or painted on?

  3. you look perfect! oh my god. you have such good style!! <33333333


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