Monday, May 28, 2012

Ode To A Skirt Part I

Some mood music for this post from my band crush, School of Seven Bells. They are the best.

I was cruising Tunnel Vision the other day during one of their monthly sales with the promise that I wouldn't buy anything. I was trying to save my money and I had made a pretty big purchase last month etc. All of that went out the window when I saw this skirt. It's exactly the skirt I had been dreaming about for months and it was 50% off and $25 isn't reeeeally that much for a skirt especially such a pretty one and it's a deal for today only so I had to buy it, really.

When it came in the mail I confirmed that it's the best skirt I've ever owned. The silhouette is elegant and perfectly flared, the material is soft, and it fits really well. It's exactly what I need for all my pseudo-goth outfit adventures. I got really excited and put together three outfits with it. I decided to post them in installments so you wouldn't have to look over an epic saga of outfits. Here's the first one:

 Old Urban Outfitters bodysuit, Tunnel Vision skirt, thrifted booties (my sister's).

I'm really happy with these photos! It looks like I'm in a magical forest but it's really my backyard! I wore this to my choir concert last week. We were supposed to wear all black with a little color, but I decided to go full goth princess sorceress chic instead. I guess my hair counts as color?

I hope everyone's having a great start to summer. Stay tuned for parts II and III!


  1. this is sooo perfect, the shoulders are very mugler/gaga (sorry, little monster haha) the skirt is gorggg and the boots are soo victorian, they look like something out of a Brett Helquist illustration (esp. A Series of Unfortunate Events, love that book series!) Plus i'm still so jealous of your hair, i wish mine was green too

  2. I love this! Your hair is great and the booties are very cute!


  3. looks amazing and love the song

  4. Haha, 'cruising', love that word

    Your blog/hair/outfits are MARVELLOUS

  5. gorgeous skirt! you wear it well. love the goth-princess look :)

  6. That skirt.. is the raddest!! luv it <3

  7. This whole outfit is amazing, it looks awesome on you <3


  8. oh my god this is wicked badass. You look like morticia from the addams family *_*

  9. you've got Kate Bush vibes through the roof, she is the deity of my heart so yeah right on


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