Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Brief Update



1. My moodboard. It has this heart thing I found in my closet, a dried rose from valentine's day last year, my hair extensions from my hair extension days, and some frilly gloves from last year's prom. I like the creepy, decaying vibe.

2. Two amazing eyeball rings from etsy. Real life eyes actually gross me out a lot, but  for some reason fake ones on jewelery are really appealing to me. Click on the pictures for sources! The second one is sold out (for now at least), which is unfortunate because it's completely perfect.

I look forward to posting more now that the school year is almost over. Until I can get my lazy butt out to take some outfit pictures, I'll give you a few life updates:
  1. I'm going to graduate high school in just over two weeks. (eep!)
  2. I'm going to Beloit College in Wisconsin next fall. I'm really excited!
  3. I've been in the early stages of making a zine about self-love.
  4. One of my main projects this summer will be to purge my room of a lifetime of crap. Having lived in the same house for almost 18 years combined with my pack-rat tendencies has made for an impressive amount of clutter. I like the idea of simplifying my life and narrowing down my belongings to only the things I really love. 
  5. It's my school's prom night tonight, but I decided I'd rather have a self-care evening. I got pineapple soda and candy and I'm going to redye my hair, watch movies, and dance around like the diva princess I am.
 Thanks for bearing with me through my sporadic posting. Much love.

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