Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Glam Rock

 The other day I met some friends at the Java Train, a really excellent coffee shop/restaurant by my house. They have this amazing graffiti mural on the side of the building.
All the tables have huge rainbow umbrellas! They were reflecting onto every shiny surface and making some beautiful designs. I made Laura take this one of my sunglasses. I think it's fitting considering that the pride festival was going on at the time.
 Snowflake the bunny! He is super cute. I had to put him in this post, even though the only picture we got of him includes me sneering unattractively.

Modcloth jacket, thrifted dress and sunglasses, Forever 21 pendants, Dr. Martens boots, purse from my mother with mysterious origin

I got this dress on a thrifting expedition because it gave off kind of a witchy vibe. I love the awkward shape and crushed velvet, even if it doesn't make it the best summer dress. I was going for a teen witch look when I get dressed this morning, but I threw on the band jacket and the docs and it ended up a little more rock n' roll. I'll admit that this outfit was kind of an excuse to wear most of my favorite items at once.

And in accordance with the title of this post, here is some David Bowie for you.

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