Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Velvety Sheen


1970s velour jumpsuit from Twitch Vintage, Forever 21 necklace, thrifted shoes, old random cami

I haven't been this excited about an outfit in a really long time! This jumpsuit has quickly become one of my most prized possessions. I was originally drawn to it because it reminded me of Florence Welch and I'm a shameless fangirl. It was my first ebay purchase, which was a decidedly positive experience. I stalked it all evening, and seriously got a bit of an adrenaline rush when I won it. There may have been a victory dance involved. I was a little nervous about buying vintage online because I wasn't sure if it would fit, but it turned out to fit perfectly! It's so shiny and dreamy and drapey and nice. For vintage enthusiasts on a budget, I recommend Twitch Vintage. They have gorgeous clothes, they were a pleasure to shop from, and you get the added bonus of feeling like a mighty hunter stalking your sartorial prey. Or maybe that's just me.

As a side note, I've realized that I've been wearing lots of green accessories since I dyed my hair. Today my shoes, nails, and necklace were color coordinated with my bun. Things like that make me oddly happy.

What are some of the small pleasures that keep you going?

P.S. Frightened Rabbit is the best. They affirm my theory that Scottish accents make everything better.


  1. oh my, lovely outfit! velvet is beautiful, and the colors of the jumpsuit and the shoes together remind me of a pumpkin (in a good way i swear)

  2. hi. I really like your blog. My blog just got hacked but I'm starting over. Would you mind giving me some tips to make it as beautiful as yours?

  3. You look fab Allison - I especially like how you styled your hair! xo

  4. the jumper looks lovely, great style :)

  5. Amazing. Seriously Florence + The Machine lookbook worthy. So pretty with the green shoes too... Dreamy)


    1. I love how you have paired the more glamarous jumpsuit with simple slippers. It works so well <3

  6. eheheheheeee!! that jumpsuit is craaazay and cool. I am addicted to shopping on ebay.. haha like.. super addicted.. I always am on there..

  7. Gah I LOVE Florence Welsch way too much too. WAY TOO MUCH.

    And yes, this is pretty much got Flo vibes, I love it. LOVE IT. The green of your shoes too is awesome, and just this whole outfit. You have a right to be exited by it. ^^

  8. I love the shoes!


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