Saturday, February 11, 2012

Now I Feel Celestial

Me playing dress-up. Note that my hair is partially green now! I'm so happy with it! Slowly but surely I'm transforming into an internet alterna-girl stereotype. U mad bro?

The lipstick I'm wearing is borrowed from my sister (unknowingly. Hi, Laura!) It's blue and glittery and amazing, but unfortunately also really crappy. You have to pile a bunch on to get a good effect and it's extremely difficult to get off. Extremely. It's nice for pictures though, and it matched the dark, cosmic vibe I was aiming for. I affixed some silver star sequins to my face with eyelash glue, put on a ridiculous moon tattoo, and went to town with the hazy pictures. I'm still trying to figure out how to take good pictures inside, so the haziness is only a little intentional. I may have to start venturing outside to take pictures, even though it's freezing out and I'm a huge wuss. THE THINGS I DO FOR YOU PEOPLE.

Do I have any IB diploma candidates reading this blog? I'm having huge extended essay stress right now. The whole "senior year is easy" thing does not apply to me, possibly because I have no time management skills, as evidenced by the fact that I'm making a post right now instead of working. IB friends, know that you're not alone!

One more thing: I jumped on the 8tracks bandwagon and am really enjoying making playlists. Here's one with some dreamy music that makes me happy. I don't know if anyone listens to these, but I thought I'd put it on anyway because it has a ton of my favorite music. Note that I included a song from Cloud Cult, my favorite band EVER that happens to be from Minnesota.


  1. I love it! We will be twins when I finally get around to dying mine green too! (which hopefully will be soon...just need to buy the bleach)

  2. Love these tracks! Listened to all of it throughout the night (can`t sleep) - and i really enjoyed it) The photos are so pretty! Love the hair.


  3. first of all, I love all the pictures/your hair is so awesome. I've been wanting green in mine for a while but I have no money to do it and I don't think it would help much with my job search sadly.

    I'm going to check out your playlist later, I've been hooked on 8tracks lately. It's helping me listen to a lot more beautiful music that almost just takes me into another world, it's so lovely!

  4. awwwhh my gosh I just listened to that whole playlist, and I like it! :)

    Your hair is suuuper lovely! colored hair 4 lyfe <3


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