Thursday, January 19, 2012

Velvet and Crochet

Thrifted sweater and necklace, Miracle Eye leggings, homemade choker

I discovered that I really like the combination of this crochet sweater and velvet leggings. I've repeated this outfit several times with slight changes in accessories. It's cozy, simple, and just interesting enough. Plus I still haven't gotten over how much this sweater even though I bought it last summer. It's so perfectly 70's!

I'm also excited about this choker I made! I go to found out that JoAnn fabrics has a bunch of trim that you're supposed to sew on the edges of garments, but make really great chokers and headbands as well. It's really cheap to buy just a yard or however much you need, and it's super easy to make stuff with! I just hemmed the ends to keep it from fraying and then sewed on a clasp. Easy peasy! I also made a headband with a different trim, which I'll show you guys soon.

Also, you know what is awesome? Wye Oak. I flippin' love these songs. So dreamy and beautiful and a little sad, my favorite kind of music.


  1. Love the perfect match of velvet and crochet - perfect. And the music is wonderful! My kind of style. Dreamy.


  2. oh my gosh, get out of town! I love your leggings and the crochet top. the choker you made is really nice! Also the two songs are really good. The videos along with them are pretty.

    Oh and you asked which Tibetan shop I mentioned, it is in Uptown in Mpls. Right next to Bobby Bead, near the uptown bus station. :)

  3. You look lovely <3
    Also, such a great idea for using trims. I'm definitely going to try that out myself.

  4. Those leggings are amazing. I didn't know someone out there had made velvet leggings, so now I'm tempted to go take a look for myself. Are they really hot though? Well, I guess that's good for the winter if they are.

    Also thanks for the tip about using trims to make chokers. I'll have to see if I can find some cute trim, maybe a lace trim would work well.


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