Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mad Scientist and Pride Musings

Thrifted top and skirt, sunglasses from etsy, bra from target, Rachel Antonoff for Bass shoes.

This is what I wore to Pride last weekend. Leave it to me to wear all black to a festival that's unofficially sponsored by rainbows and glitter.

Some might call these John Lennon glasses, but I can't look at them without thinking of a mad scientist (which is honestly the reason I bought them). It doesn't come through in these pictures, but the frames are a really bright gold. Also note that my lipstick is coordinated with my shoes.

I have mixed feelings about pride festivals. I think this comic is important to read for anyone who wants to go to pride. In mainstream GLBTQ events like these, people often celebrate the Neil Patrick Harrises of the world but are quick to forget the CeCe McDonalds. Pride has also gotten very corporate in some ways. Betty Crocker had a huge booth set up with a banner reading "Betty Crocker Loves All Families" and was giving away free cupcakes, and Target wrapped some trees in rainbow ribbons and handed out buttons. Jaded as I am, I can't imagine that these companies are there for any reason besides garnering support among an increasingly large pro-gay demographic. On the other hand, Pride can be a really affirming experience for some people and I don't want to invalidate that.

I also question whether I, as someone who doesn't identify as GLBTQ, should even go to pride. Is it even my place to critique it on this blog? Of course, I did go and I did eat the free cupcakes and buy overpriced french fries and people/dog-watch and have a great time. I don't know. Share your thoughts in the comments, and call me out if I've said something stupid!


  1. a) your outfit is incredible. b) I like everything you wrote about your conflicting feelings on Pride. c) Thank you dearly for your comment on my beauty thoughts; very reassuring!
    <3 <3

  2. Eryn is so right, your outfit is amazing! And as for Pride it leaves me conflicted too. On the one hand, the commercialization of "gay rights" feels like a right of passage, everything in mainstream culture gets commercialized (think of all the complaints about the commercialization of holidays like Christmas and valentines) and I wouldn't have a problem with that probably if it were true that queer rights were mainstream. But the fact that so many queer people are still so mistreated in our society makes the commercialization feel really gross to me. Like I wanna go to pride and see people shouting and demanding trans* rights, not Target going "yay gay marriage!" If we lived in a truly equal society maybe I would be like "okay fine" but we don't. Pride should be political, not profitable. However I still think Pride events are REALLY important and by no account would I say we shouldn't have them. I say non-queer people are welcome to show up to Pride events and show support as long as they know their place as allies. Pride is an opportunity for queer voices to shout and be heard when they are usually drowned out by a wall of heteronormativity. Pride is a time for allies to listen and learn (and have fun too :). In the end, Pride may not be perfect, but it's really really important so I approve of participation and I also approve of thinking of ways to make it better!

    PS do you know I almost bought those same glasses!?! but in silver because gold doesn't work on me.

  3. super cute ensemble, especially those amazing shoes. i think that as an ally you should absolutely join in GLBTQ events and celebrate your local community :)

  4. WOW so in love with the back of your head!! and the outfit of course.

    the comic blatantly points out so many good, true points about pride that i too should feel the need to be questioned if anyone does decide to partake in pride and what it really means. hopefully over the years, pride becomes more of an inviting event for, like the comic said, ALL sorts of people, instead of spinning into mainstream idolizing. also, yes, you do have the right to go to pride as an ally and a supporter, like the comment above me has said! just as long as people don't lose the focus on the GLBTQ community that they're there for! <3

  5. Cool outfit! And BTW you have nice posture!! :-)
    No slouching!!! lol
    Have a blessed day Allison!!


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