Monday, June 3, 2013

Blame It On My Wild Heart

This video is AMAZING, I highly recommend that you watch it! This version of Wild Heart is so beautiful and Stevie in action is just magical.

Topshop shoes, moon earrings (worn as brooches) from etsy, everything else thrifted.

When I bought this dress, it had shoulder pads, long sleeves, and an ankle-length skirt. As much as I liked the sexless Morticia Addams look, I'm happy with my decision to cut it short. Recently I've been gravitating towards black clothes and all-black outfits. It will be a fun challenge to try to style black clothes in interesting ways that still feel true to my style. 


  1. This entire look is perfection. That Stevie Nicks video is just lovely as well.

  2. Love your blog :,D you have such amazing style~

  3. Such a cool look! I love how you used the earrings as brooches super cute

  4. Pretty dress! Love the moon pins. :)

  5. Hello lovely! Just recently came across your blog, i lovelovelove it!
    Your style is amazing. So you are now featured on my main page under my "top five blogs of the month" :)



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