Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chapter 2

Hello, possums! I have some exciting news for you guys: I'm at college! Those of you who follow my tumblr already know first two days were terrifying (sorry for my whiny blogging), but I think I'm starting to get used to this new chapter of my life. I wish I could take a million pictures of my dorm room for you guys, but I don't have a camera yet so this blog will have to go on a brief hiatus until I get around to buying one.

Until then, I have a picture that I never posted of the outfit I wore on my birthday. I turned 18, so I guess I'm a legal adult now. I celebrated by making a cake, watching Project Runway, and eating delicious Tibetan/Indian food. This is what I wore for the festivities:

Thrifted top, thrifted DIY dyed shorts, target socks, thrifted necklace, DIY daisy crown, new Kate Spade frames!

I may not have mentioned it on this blog before, but I have pretty bad vision. I usually wear contact lenses, but I recently got some glasses that are attractive enough to wear in public. This outfit, or some variation on it, has been my uniform this summer: dorky polo, shorts or miniskirt, knee socks. Now that I'm at school I've been gravitating towards midi and maxi skirts with collared shirts because I am boring. I also invested in some girlmonster-y black lipstick, so my style will still be far from collegiate! I can't wait until I can take some pictures of the lovely campus and cool things I brought with me. 

I hope everyone is doing well even though summer's almost over :'( I wish you all best of luck at school or whatever plans you have for the fall! 

P.S. Project Runway is SO GOOD. sorry not sorry


  1. i love your hair and the daisies! cuteness!

  2. You are adorable (can I say this as I am 4 years younger than you?)!! Congrats on turning 18!!! Your outfit is so cute and the glasses are awesome!!

  3. Love love love the daisies!

  4. I love the outfit and your hair!

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  6. You are freakin' awesome, girl! I love your outfit! I love your socks and your polo shirt <33 and your hair :)

  7. Happy birthday! Beautiful outfit with all my favourite things- green hair, knee socks, flower crown- AMAZING. Can we be Daria together pls?

  8. HBD, love your little crown. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

  9. Hope all goes well at your new college. omg, your gorgeous.

  10. Lovely outfit.

  11. love this cutie grunge school grrl look!

  12. Great post! I love it! ^^ You have a nice blog, mind to follow each other? :)


  13. What a great way to spend a birthday! That's pretty much how I spend mine as well, making myself a cake and then watching fun TV. Also, congrats on college. What are you studying?

    You have a fabulous style, and it's so distinct sometimes I get dressed in the morning and feel like I'm playing dress-up as you for the day!

    I hope you come back on soon, but college is a HUGE step, so mostly I hope that works out well!

  14. Firstly...project runway continually makes my life.
    I nominated you for this award thingy for people with less than 200 follwers.
    Here's a link to my blog post about it telling you what to do:
    <3 this blog <3 you <3 lyfe.


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