Monday, April 2, 2012

An Aesthetic Catalogue/Inspiration Dump Part I

Hello, internet friends!

Generally, at any point in my life there are a bunch of seemingly random, unconnected things that are influencing my style. Right now there are a bunch of concepts, pieces, and things that make me really excited but they don't really go together into a cohesive post, so I'll just do what I do best: make a list. Seriously, I'm super good at making lists. It's like a form of therapy for me. My room and notebooks are littered with to-do lists with only a few things checked off, or lists I made one night and never looked at again. It's my way of making my thoughts make sense, I guess. Every once in a while I like to compile my inspiration, just to make my world a little more orderly. I'm especially excited about the stuff on this list, so I decided to share with you guys. It got a little long, so I'm doing it in two parts.

1. Butterflies and Moths

I've found myself really drawn to pictures of butterflies lately. I think it's because of their perfect symmetry. Or maybe because they're so delicate and fragile, kind of like living flowers. Either way, I want to buy a bunch of fake ones and glue them to everything.

Edun did some really cool things with butterflies in their ads recently. I love all of these pictures so much!

Moths share the delicate, alien beauty of butterflies, and they have the added bonus of being fuzzy and adorable. Their bodies and sometimes wings are covered in what looks like the softest, finest fur imaginable. And those antenna! Moths are the best, I tell you. Plus some of them can get really huge, which is at once awesome and terrifying.

Look at that face! I just want to cuddle it!

As a newly initiated member into the cult of Alexander McQueen, I wasn't aware until recently that there was a collection of his with a ton of butterfly stuff in it. Imagine my delight when I saw a dress in their spring 2011 collection made entirely out of fake butterflies! asdfghjkl I love it so much.

All hail McQueen, master of the fashion things!

2. Miss Havisham

Even though I've never read Great Expectations or even seen the movie in its entirety, I have a fascination with the tragic character Miss Havisham. I love the decaying lace and dusty tatters of things that were once beautiful. Something about gross old wedding stuff is really appealing to me, for whatever reason. Also, I can't wait to see the new Great Expectations movie with Gillian Anderson aka Scully as Miss Havisham! It's gonna be awesome.

Gillian Anderson

Helena Bonham Carter

Margaret Leighton

Once again, Alexander McQueen has made a dress that perfectly sums up my inspiration. This one is from his fall 2006 collection. The veil! The dusty lace! The pretty silhouette! Plus some antlers thrown in for good measure. Perfection.

I found this picture on tumblr and it fits in pretty well here. Cool tatters.

3. Animals

Don't ask me why, but for whatever reason I'm really digging adorable yet weird-looking animals right now. especially antelope-like things with crazy horns, mythical beasts, bunnies, goats, bats, and cats (obviously, because they're the best animals in the world). They're earthly but also otherworldly. At the moment I'm not sure how I plan to emulate these creatures in the way I dress, but I certainly wouldn't object to wearing horns or antlers. I may have to find a less literal interpretation for my more subdued days, however.

4. Gray Hair

If I weren't so lazy and inept when it come to hair, I would go gray asap. I like to think that I'd look all stunning and ethereal like these ladies, and not like an old woman. The opposite is probably true, but oh well. You could certainly do worse than to have old ladies as a style icon.

I also really like freckles, so I basically want to be the girl in the above picture.

All photos are from a google image search or tumblr. If you know any of the sources, let me know and I'll slap them on there.

Stay tuned for more photo dumping in part II!


  1. I love the section on butterflies and moths. I was so obsessed with butterflies when I was younger. They really are such beautiful and delicate creatures.

  2. ooh this is super cool! and haha yeah, i have freckles, but i wish i had more!

  3. I love those Edun shoots so much and grey hair is eternally lovely.

  4. butterflies have never been as appealing to me as they are in this post! Maybe I should start sewing wing shapes onto old shirts?
    Also, don't be afraid to go grey. One of my best friends recently dyed her hair grey (but it's more white) and it turned out really well.

  5. This is so pretty.
    Also I love Narwhals :)


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